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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Need A Sensitivity Reader or Some Editing? | Blog News

As you may or may not know, I do editing on the side. Until now, it's been more of a word of mouth kind of thing, I've never really publicly opened to editing before.

Maybe you've also seen the shiny new tab on my blog. 
Let me introduce you to all the things I'm offering.

Note that I have about 4 years of publishing experience, among them more than two years of literary agency experience writing reader reports and improving manuscripts, and am currently with a major indie publisher in the editing department.

If you'd like some more info on my credentials, feel free to email me and ask.


So, if you're not familiar with the concept, a sensitivity reader is a marginalized person that checks for problematic content in terms of representation in your manuscript.

Note that every sensitivity read is different, should you need me to check for all my areas of expertise, this will also affect the price. To determine how much you can expect exactly, I made a tentative list of prices.

Areas of expertise: 

  • bisexual/biromantic
  • biracial
  • black
  • disability+chronic illness
  • bi/multilingual
  • ace-spectrum
  • immigrants/immigration.
I'm also a native German speaker and live here, if you need someone to fact check your German characters, I'm your gal.
  • REGULAR (starting at $0.004 per word)
A regular sensitivity read includes a 1-3 page editorial letter detailing my general impression, suggestions, problem areas I'd advise you to edit, and possible revision ideas.
Turnaround time: 1 week for 50k, after booking date.

  • LINE EDIT (starting at $0.0075 per word)
A line edit includes the regular sensitivity read package with a 3-6 page editorial letter detailing my general impression, suggestions, problem areas, and possible revision ideas, plus me commenting through word track changes while I read so you know exactly what aspects I had issues with.
Turnaround time: 10 days for 50k, after booking date.


Note that this does not include any sensitivity reading. I will not comment on your maybe/maybe not problematic rep and strictly stick to commenting on craft issues. My editing style focuses a lot on big picture issues. However, I like to give a comprehensive evaluation of your manuscript mentioning any and all changes that I think would improve the quality of your work.

Areas of expertise: Only YA.

  • REGULAR (starting at $0.004 per word)
A regular edit includes a 1-3 page editorial letter detailing my general impression, suggestions and possible revision ideas. I will also comment on grammar, plot, and characters.
Turnaround time: 1 week for 50k, after booking date.

  • LINE EDIT (starting at $0.007 per word)
A line edit includes the regular sensitivity read package with a 3-6 page editorial letter detailing my general impression, suggestions, and possible revision ideas, and comments on writing, plot, and characters. I will also be commenting through word track changes while I read so you know exactly what aspects I had issues with and will be able to revise more easily.
Turnaround time: 10 days for 50k, after booking date.


You're saving $100 on a 50k manuscript compared to booking separately. This includes the REGULAR sensitivity reading and editing packages combined.
Turnaround time: 10 days for 50k, after booking date.

You're saving $225 on a 50k manuscript compared to booking separately. This includes the LINE EDIT sensitivity reading and editing packages combined.
Turnaround time: 14 days for 50k, after booking date.

+ SPEED BONUS (+20% of the package you book)
This can be booked with every package and will guarantee you a speed turnaround time. Your manuscript will be prioritized effect immediately and I'll drop everything else to get going.
Turnaround time: Full speed is around 50 pages/day for just a sensitivity read, maybe 40/day for a line edit.


Send all inquiries to actualbookavid(at)gmail(dot)com

Be sure to include all details about your project, possible deadlines, budget, and naming the package you'd like to book.


  • If you're marginalized or a student and very badly need a sensitivity reader or an editor, we can work something out. I'd be open to lowering the price a bit. Teens get extra special discounts, but I'll need proof.
  • Also? Patreon supporters (for 2+ months, to avoid people abusing this) get up to 35% off my editing services. So that's nice. 

Spread the word. Looking to book folks in right now, I've got space. :)

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Let Me Be Your Racism Tutor- I'm Starting a Patreon! | Blog News

So, as you may or may not know I have a very severe chronic illness. And any financial help I can get would very much make my life easier.

Since this blog takes up a LOT of my time, I will probably on the longrun be unable to make any more posts without financial support. That's the chronic illness life.

I decided to launch a Patreon specifically because I've noticed that SO MANY allies approach me with very detailed questions about writing diversely or recognizing problematicness that I physically cannot answer all of them without repercussions to my mental and physical health. 

These kinds of posts take a lot of energy, especially to a chronically-ill person like me. Patreon is the perfect place for even MORE posts about problematicness, racism, ableism, homophobia, and also a nice way to help you with your own writing and ensure the next generation of writers gets some help.

This will be mostly a feature for the allies and social justice advocates-in-training. I will be making several posts every month answering questions that you may have. 

THE IMPORTANT STUFF - What you can expect from this Patreon

  • !new! posts every other day
  • exclusive writing advice in terms of writing diversely
  • exclusive advice on recognizing problematicnesss and allyship
  • exclusive educational blog posts
  • in-depth book talks about problematic books
  • accessability: as a patron, there's a way for you to read posts from higher tiers. Choose which content you'd like to support.
  • submit questions that I answer periodically. Choose your content.
  • up to 35% discounts as a patron if you want to book my editing and sensitivity reading services
  • a safe space to ask questions about writing diversely and being a good ally, and interact with other allies
I'm also African, living in Germany, biracial, bisexual, disabled, ace-spectrum, and neuroatypical - so if you have any questions in regards to writing characters that are one of these things, you can totally ask me for advice.

BIO - Who am I

I'm a chronically-ill book blogger, writer, and aspiring publishing professional. I've been blogging on my book blog The Bookavid since September 2014, primarily focusing on promoting and reviewing diverse reads. 
I'm also trying to get a foot in the door in the publishing industry where my main goal will be to help diversifying and doing everything I can to get marginalized readers the representation they deserve. Unfortunately this proves very difficult despite lots of experience, because I cannot work in-person. And even beyond that my chronic illness makes it pretty much impossible for me to have a regular job without facing a severe health risk because my health keeps steadily declining and symptoms keep getting worse.

FOR WHAT - What will I do with the money

Any money received through this will go towards living expenses. My chronic illness makes it incredibly difficult for me to live normally - I cannot physically work and any time I put into creating content online of course takes away from that. This is why I'd love your support, because without it I won't be able to continue blogging and promoting diverse books for marginalized readers, serving as a resource for more than 20,000 people online. 

Any financial help would make it possible for me to continue to promote diverse reads and continue making blog posts and book recommendations that are very much


So here's the Patreon link. Stop by if you like.

If you'd still like to support but can't afford becoming a Patron, a virtual coffee through ko-fi is always nice. 

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Introducing #DiversityBoost: I'll be promoting and boosting #ownvoices and #diverse Authors! | Blog News

As you might know, the topic of diversity in publishing is very close to my heart. 

So, a couple of weeks ago I came up with the concept of #DiversityBoost. Basically this feature will mainly consist of book recommendations and content promoting upcoming and recently released books.

#DiversityBoost will solely focus on boosting and spotlighting recently released and upcoming books that either are diverse or are written by diverse authors.

That may include:
  • Authors of Color, no matter their gender
  • Authors who are otherwise marginalized (e.g. disability, lgbtq*, non-christian, illness)
  • White Authors who write about diverse characters

I'll be offering different opportunities for those periodically. The first post for #DiversityBoost will go live on August 25th and focus on exciting new and upcoming YA by Black women. Many more posts including many more marginalized voices are to come. I'm looking to make this a monthly feature, to be published towards the end of the month respectively.

You will be able to find all those posts starting from August 25th here, and I will be periodically announcing submission calls and opportunities for authors to get featured. 

How you can help:
  • Authors
If you are a diverse author and you'd like to be featured, follow me on twitter, the only place where I'll be announcing those submission calls. Any and all #ownvoices authors can submit guest posts to my blog anytime, as long as the topic relates to diversity and publishing. Contact me here.
  • Readers/Bloggers
If you'd simply like to help out, I'd love for you to participate. To do something similar and start reading diverse books only or to launch a feature just for that! Contact me here or leave a comment linking your feature.

Do you have a similar feature? I'd be happy to collaborate on something to help diverse authors out.

If you have a specific request on what you'd like to see, I'm happy to take suggestions anytime.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Blog Makeover: I've Got a Logo & Button Now! | Blog News

I've always wanted a blog button and distinct logo for my blog. 

When a friend of mine recently got a commission from a fantastic artist done, my jaw dropped and I had to go ahead and get one of my own.

So I'm sure you've seen the new logo already! Isn't it gorgeous?! If you didn't know what I look like, well, now you know! For the really curious there's more pictures of me here on the blog, and here.

I'm definitely open to adding some more art to my blog. I've recently been super infatuated with the blog design on Pop! Goes the Reader. Jen has these super pretty comic style renditions of her all over her blog and there are new ones for every feature she does. It's really pretty, you should check her blog out. It definitely inspired me to finally go & search for an artist to design a logo for me. 

If I happen to get rich overnight, I'm definitely knocking on my wonderful artist's (virtual) door again to get some more commissions from her. 

I also messed with the colors on my blog a little, maybe you've also noticed that if you're really observant! I decided not to go all crazy and wild and simply make small changes. I like the clean look for now, I probably won't ever go for any crazy colors on my blog.  BUT I've been thinking about making those white tiles beige. I love the beige I used to have and I'm kinda worried that the white is too bright and too clean. What do you think?

So that's about it, I'm linking the lovely girl who drew my icon below, she's open for comissions right now and as you can see, fantastically talented. 

Harrison: Tumblr | Email:

What do you think? Do you like the new look? 

If you like, feel free to grab my button on the left! Let me know. Any feedback's appreciated.

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